Clinical Approach

I believe difficult life experiences become portals for transformation when we are given a safe space to observe and learn from them.

I utilize an eclectic, person centered approach

with influences of Compassionate Mindfulness, Feminist Relational Cultural Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, creative arts practices, somatic awareness, secular spirituality, and sex education.

Individual Therapy

You deserve to feel safe, worthy, and whole exactly as you are. As an antidote to shame, I offer a warm, emotionally attuned environment and encourage an exploration of all your complexity with curiosity & kindness. If desired, we can explore a variety of holistic resources to help you feel more confident navigating life stressors. Together, we will honor the strengths that have helped you to survive previously, while reinforcing your choices in moving forward. 

Relationship Therapy

Healthy relationships take work, but you don't have to do the work alone. I equip people with skills to communicate & empathize with their partners, so that you can move closer to the core of your healing work together.  Whether navigating conflict or trauma, rekindling intimacy & desire, or preparing for big changes, relationship therapy creates the foundation for authentic & fulfilling connections that allow everyone to thrive. I am queer, kink, sex work, & poly affirming. 

Grounding & Self Connection
in the Time of Social Distancing

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Intimacy & Communication
 Relationship Coaching

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Trainings & Workshops

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Clinical Evaluations

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